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Basket Analysis

Understand hidden buying patterns in your orders data. What do people like buying together? What do people buy during holidays? How to plan coupons, Promotions, Specials, Product bundling and packaging, Markdowns, Discounts, Upselling, Cross-selling.

Customer Profiling

RFM segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value, Pareto Analysis, Churn Prediction, Buying/Engagement Patterns, Cohort Analysis. Helps in personalization, targeted engagement campaigns, customer retention and loyalty, understanding conversion duration of various cohorts, repat customer identification.

Demand Planning

Predict demand for each product in a specified duration in the future, show required restocking needs (which products to restock and what quantity) based on predictions and products associations. Precision demand planner helps reduce overstocking and understocking and hence a optimizes the inventory and reduces losses

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Predictive Analytics?

Businesses have for so long relied on analytics of how they have performed within a financial quarter or year. What if we could be able to predict how we are going to perform in the future? What if we could detect factors that could make us run in losses and hence take corrective measures well in advance? The benefits of predictive analytics to a business are so immense that all your competitors are already considering it.

How will my business benefit from IDT?

There are so many benefits of using IDT. Imagine being able to predict demand and sales of a particular product around Easter and hence restock appropriately or knowing exactly which products to have on promotion or coupons or being able to know exactly which customers are likely to drop off within a week. The end game is improved business efficiency and margins.

How do you cater for my unique business needs?

Every business has unique needs and the customer behaviour also differs from business to business. We first do Exploratory Data Analytics (EDA) on your data to ensure that we use models that best suit your business data stream.

How secure is our business data?

We take security and data privacy very seriously and we have set up a secure cloud infrastructure that uses cryptographic tools to ensure that your business data is secured and only accessible to you.


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